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Entertainment is one of the important parts of our daily lives and varies greatly over time. With the continuous advancement of the smartphones; they have now replaced a lot of things from their daily lives. There are apps which helps us to get entertainment on the go such as moviebox. It is one of the largest and most popular sources of entertainment today, including a long list of classic movies and other videos, the best part of which is the uploading of new movies constantly influenced by external conditions. Gone are the days when we used to download the movies or shows, now the streaming helps to save time and deliver same quality and latest movies. 

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This MovieBox app can run on a variety of platforms, such as Android devices and Apple iOS (iPhone / iPad) devices. There are other apps like MovieBox, such as  ShowBox, which have almost similar features to Moviebox, and are also compatible with Android devices, Apple iOS devices and personal computers.

MovieBox is very popular among its users because of its user-friendly features. MovieBox app has a lot of movies, TV shows and videos. These movie lists can be listed in favorites and can be viewed to your liking. Movies can also be categorized according to their type and the year they are published. Not just watching, it gives users the ability to download media files.


Moviebox app features

Random selectors are one of the key features that make the application more advanced in the marketplace. As the name implies, the app will choose a movie for you from the hundreds listed in its database. In addition, you will have the opportunity to rate the movies you have seen to help others understand if it is worth the money.

You'll get information about the new version, coming soon, and top and popular movies from around the world. If you have a favorite movie, you can share it with friends and colleagues via social media. It is also programmed to automatically update the movie rating whenever a user submits a rating.

• It's a free-to-use mobile app with no extra cost

• Suitable for Android, IOS, Blackberry and Kindle Fire platforms

• It lets you stream and watch unlimited movies, watch online

• Play movies day and night without interruption

• You can also watch full-length movies in full HD format

• Select a title or subtitle to properly understand the video

• Good interface and excellent UI design

• It can play Hollywood movies and TV shows

 Install MovieBox on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) 

Since you may be familiar with this, third party app for iPhone users. So it cannot be used on the App Store. Installing this application from an unauthorized source through jailbreak may compromise the security and protection of the device and is therefore strictly prohibited. Here we provide you with two ways to install this movie streaming application on iPhone.

Follow the step-by-step steps to install it on your iOS device, and it's very convenient.

1. Launch the Safari web browser and search for the vshare option in the search bar.

2. Select the latest version of vShare and click the "Install" option to add it to your device.

3. After successfully installing this app on your device; launch it from the home screen and search for the iPhone X MovieBox app option in the search bar.

4. Use the advanced version of MovieBox and download and install it to get it on your device.

5. Although MovieBox is a third-party application, you need to verify it before launching your iOS device. To trust the app, you need to go to the Settings option, then go to General and go to Profiles and Device Management. Just click on Trust MovieBox to enable it.

6. Now that the MovieBox is ready to launch on your device, you can now launch it from the app icon on the home screen now or in the future.

Movie Box app can install most of the iOS devices and support for iPhone, iPod devices which are running on iOS. You can also install the app with or without jailbreak your device.

Download and install MovieBox App on Android

Here are the steps you can follow to download the Moviebox on android smartphones.

moviebox app for android

1. First, download the MovieBox App APK file from here.

2. You must open the above link on your computer desktop or on a new Mac page.

3. Save the Apk file to a computer in a known folder for later retrieval.

4. You may need to connect your phone (Android) to your computer later using the USB cable.

5. Then make sure the connection is good and transfer the apk file from the desktop computer

6. Now you have copied the MovieBox app from your PC to your Android phone.

7. Next, go to the phone settings from the menu options and continue

8. Then click the "General" option and press the "Application" button

9. Check the option "Install application from unknown source"

10. Open the phone storage and find the storage location of the app apk

11. Press the file and click the Install button to start the installation.

12. Wait a while for the application to be fully installed

13. Once the application is installed, it will run immediately.

14. Finally, you can watch unlimited movies online for free on your mobile phone!

In case you want to download the moviebox pro app for android or iOS you can read the guide here.

Download MovieBox App on Mac OS/Macbook Pro

Moviebox app is famous for the ios devices and serve as the best app for iphone users. Hence it is very easy to install and download the app for your macbook, macbook pro/air etc.

You can download any emulator software to run the apk of the app on your pc easily. All you need to download and install apps such as nox app player or bluestacks which are very popular to download and install on the pc or mac. We have a full guide on how to download and install the app on your mac os easily in this guide. Feel free to go through it and lets us know if you face any difficulty while installing the moviebox app on your mac pc. 


For all the alternatives of moviebox you may check the in depth article which has all the best alternatives of moviebox app. Movie Box is one of the great source to stream movies online. It is one of the most popular app with amazing features. Movie Box has huge collection of movies and TV shows. You can also try the pro version of the app which is called moviebox pro app.

This app is compatible for android, ios, laptop as well as mac. Movies and TV shows are available in full HD quality. However if you are facing any difficulty while installing the app or you would like to explore more similar to the moviebox app, then we have provided the list of apps for you to try out. There are other apps similar to movie box which are listed here:

  • ShowBox app
  • CinemaBox
  • MegaBox HD
  • PlayBox HD

However if you would like to get the legit and best streaming apps then, we would recommend you to also give a try to paid services such as Netflix and prime video which has great shows and movies and are worth your money. 

Please feel free to leave your comments or contact us and also share this with your friends and family. Feel free to ask any question and let us know if you are able to download and install the app on your device. You can also drop any query to us using the help of contact us form. 


Is MovieBox legal?

Watching movie on Moviebox is not illegal, however distributing content for commercial purpose is illegal.Laws can vary from location to location, therefore make sure to use VPN to stream the content.

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